thread draft

I wake up and my room is already drenched in light.
I must have left the broadcaster on last night.
I wonder if my last broadcast went out.
I check the feed: 4 responses. Not bad.

I run a reality, which means I broadcast out my own crafted light.
Hardly anyone runs their own reality any more. Easier to just rent some time on someone else’s.
But silly me, I’m trying to remake how realities are made.

You know the light.
You wake up with it.
You carry it around in your pocket.
In the bathroom, when you have a few minutes to spare, you surround yourself with it and escape into an alternate world.
But what about realities — what do you know about those?

(aside: more options for establishing the light world)
You order pizza and let the light wash over you all night, exploring deeper and deeper into others’ lives.
You’re addicted to the light. We all are.
Waiting, with bated breath, for what it will show us next.
Hardly ever adding light of our own.

(aside: more options for establishing the light world)
When you claim you’re trying to sleep, but it keeps you up, creating false daylight.
When you’re at the bus stop waiting to go to your job.
When you’re around other people and it’s just too much for you to handle.
You turn to the light.

(continued from “what do you know about those?”)
Z-dog created the first galaxy-wide reality.
A giant public stage.
There have been others, but not as many as you would think.
Mostly just used for quick entertainment.
Not meant to last.

And, when you’re in the world we’re in, with the light world constantly competing with the dim world, a lack of quality realities becomes a problem.
The main problem we face is: why, in a world connected by light that we can shape and it can present literally anything we want to see, are we more stuck, paralyzed, and unmotivated than ever?

Some people think it’s the brand of reality you choose to live in.
Some people think the light world has sucked all the meaning from the dim world.
What do I think?
I think it’s up to us what we bend the light into — that will make it meaningful.