First 3 projects
MVL Guide
Main content: email to Michael / HN thread
coming soon content
How to live online
Do what brings you joy
Take breaks
Put yourself out there
Think from other people’s perspective and be generous
Be yourself / don’t listen to this guide if it doesn’t make you happy / don’t get stuck on “the right way”
Find a friend group before building an audience
Summaries of marketing talks
The minimum you need to produce
The process (small launches with ultra value first)
A threat inside my body
Talk about living with anxiety for many years
Projects that don’t need much work
🤩 Storyteller app
Need to work out bugs
Need to implement app design
Need to implement front page design
Basic 5 minute “how it works” (building something that works from scratch) video
Post to Reddit Show-off Saturday (r/webdev)
🤩 Polite Popup
Drawing Them In (Book)
Switch from “illustrators” to “creatives”
Needs landing page
Look over Anna’s feedback
Needs goal
send private podcast version to early newsletter
Needs rough draft
And this email
Series of blog posts or 7 day emai tutorial: “from nothing to launch!”
🤩 DevRPG (podcast)
Needs intro
BIP mini course (w Martin)
Needs testimonials
Needs landing page
Review Martin’s Sales page draft
Host on Gumroad
🤩 Boxes.css
Needs landing page
Has a great “how to use” video (but should be 2 min instead of 25)
what I learned from my 15 hour launch (remake blog post)
Actually open-source illustration kits
Needs blog post
Remake 7 day tutorial email series
Share first email publicly
Share that they’ll get a discount code at the end
Building a Product in Public (Twitter thread)
Convert to full blog post
🤩 Galactic SaaS (podcast)
Separate launches
First episode
Needs trailer
Wake up into light every day
Infinite possibility but still hard to press forward
Paralyzed between seeing how it could be and how it is — hungry to just go back to the light world
Light should transmit both ways (and ideally be close to real-time) or it doesn’t feel real/meaningful
The light world is more popular, but the dim world is the spiritual power source and a more powerful muse
The obstacle: a lack of connection between the light world and the dim world, like a car spinning its wheels in the mud but refusing to move
The solution: creating the connections so it’s possible and easier to bring big dreams into reality and not just get lost in the dream
Needs interactive landing page (click to light up page in little squares)
Rough draft of thread
I have a beautiful diagram to go along with it
🤩 Make your own “Subscription Confirmed” page
Not interesting enough?
🤩 Financial organism
Convert to blog post
How to Get Rich (twitter thread)
Include PDF download with extra content
anxiety diary from bear app
audio assisted onboarding (extract from request creative app)
Tell the story behind it
Early development building in public
What success felt like
Too much work
Motion Comics Builder
Freelance Calculator
Update rates — ask Zach about v2
ConvertKit guide
Lot of work
New Request Creative
Lot of work
Remote Hackathon Starter (how to launch, judge, update progress)
The fair artist contract (check email)
Story of designing a high quality artist contract (Medium)
Indie Hacker ASMR (whispering the indie hacker dream business) (why: me and my wife fall asleep to asmr and it’s been really helpful for me)
“Your marketing plan is working”
“You found a co-founder who perfectly complements your work style”
“You achieved the 4-hour work week”
“Your cold sales calls went well”
“Your self-promo post didn’t get banned by Reddit”
“You were retweeted by Elon Musk”
“People on HN responded to your project positively”
“You got so many sales notifications from Stripe that your phone didn’t stop buzzing for hours”
“Adam Wathan said he thought your business idea was genius”
Diagram of how a modern indie business works
Website builder for kids
Just colored blocks, no text or upload
Where to post startups
Autosync folder to s3 node script
No code and low code airtable db
Need to review this and see if it’s good
Your own link!
Building your first JS app (TH)
Needs landing page
Presentations from Sergio and Linus
"Who am I?" A guide for dealing with difficult emotions
Treehouse on every corner - free can study or play or chill
Luna Mountain - adult play area cafe sleep zone, anti anxiety safe spot
Blog Posts
Announce Remake front-end demos
Needs full post
Simple Blogging Platforms
Is a draft in ghost
blog post: how to live online
i like to joke that i grew up online
but the truth is, i’ve always been more comfortable online than in real life
people can be more honest
you get a wider picture of humanity
you can be awkward or invinsible and no one teases, manipulates, or pushes you
I believe this has been rewritten as “The Sustainable Way to Build in Public as an Indie Maker”
Need to check with Anne-Laure
New title: “The Best Gift You Can Receive as an Indie Maker is Permission to Be Yourself”
What I Look for in a Freelancer
"Diving Deep Into Indie Hacker Psychology” (based on video)
Need to write full post
5 posts from Faye
The tired Golf Course
The HTML chrysalis…
Anna/Elsa story
And link to song
Anxiety post: a thread inside my body.sketch
Need to write a post around this content — decent amount of work
50% Web Apps
Thesis: You’re competing with billion dollar applications when most people only need something simple that works
Time management (PDF download)
Needs rewrite
Why Remake is the Coolest Tech You’ve Never Heard Of
➡️ I think this is on my other computer
Hi indie hackers (or “Launch More Often”)
➡️ I think this is on my other computer
the splat the diamond and the path
This is in a Figma file: “Blog Posts / Scratch”
what am i doing (or Why Tailwind is Ruining my Startup)
➡️ I think this is on my other computer
Series: “What’s It Going to Be Like to Live in the Metaverse”
Goal: living online just like we do in real life, with real-time feedback and meaning-making
Connected to Remake’s goal: owning not renting, participating not consuming, launching not being shy
New Remake homepage
  • The problem with your startup isn’t the tech, it’s that you haven’t launched 10 times yet
Remake newsletter
Projects that need work
Artist portfolio template
Remake Hackathon
Needs planning/voting/announcements/coordination
High-level Remake Overview
Indie Alternatives
Post an open Airtable form and Airtable base
Needs Remake JSON endpoint
Boxes website generator
Needs landing page & app
Remake manifesto
bigger project brainstorm