Progress (so far) 👨‍💻

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01/07/2022 - 01/10/2022: took off for self-care & mental health
01/11/2022 (Tuesday)
Added ability to reset animation in Animatize
Attended a writing workshop group online (Foster)
Responded to Charlie about Animatize feedback
Fixed another bug with Animatize
Send newsletter to 31 launches
Update 31 launches front page
Wrote a lot of MVL Guide
(remake) create remake sortable demo for Jupiter (discord)
allow resetting demo animation
allow downloading code for demo animation
give ability to download assets you can use yourself
post animatize to HN
respond to twitter notifications
created a newsletter feed and linked to it from 31 launches homepage
Important note:
  • The feeling of launching, getting feedback, updating, and sending out new stuff every day feels totally different and immersive compared to how long it usually took for me to put things out there. I feel much more focused and like the feedback I’m getting is positive and good and regular. Even if it’s not positive, it points me in the right direction. Just to know that I’m doing something that affects other people gives me the energy to keep doing it. It’s like breathing air.
simple blogging platforms
add moogle
add hashnode
I didn’t add this yet... oops
add brytebook
respond to hn
post HN comments to twitter
animatize to PH
MVL: review email and Notion (at the bottom of this page) for “mvl” and “minimum viable launch” notes
send 3 posts to jenny
send 31 launches email
hn stats
animatize relaunch with new features
schedule in chime for tomorrow
tomorrow’s launch: michael email
send to daniela
Send 31 launches email
Make rough draft of “Galactic SaaS” podcast trailer and schedule it
Schedule a “build in public” blog post for Sunday
Finish editing “Don't Rely on One Big Launch” and post it
Send 31 launches email
Created a figma design to organize my thoughts about MVL
Soft launched MVL as a twitter thread with videos
Responded to Remake users with a video answering their questions
Read through “The Best Gift You Can Receive as an Indie Maker is Permission to Be Yourself
Email Anne-Laure asking for permission to post “The Best Gift You Can Receive as an Indie Maker is Permission to Be Yourself
Edit “Taking on Psychological Debt by Over-Promising the Future
Post “Taking on Psychological Debt by Over-Promising the Future”
Send 31 launches email
Work on MVL guide for 1 hour
Pick 2 ideas for the next 2 launches
Prepare for job interview
Not going to launch today because I have a job interview and I also just want to slow down a little bit today
Wrote and published “what is a minimum viable launch?”
Posted a blog post: “You Need to Share the Unstoppable Optimism of Your New Idea”
brainstorm remake next
intro page is an automatic fork when you visit it
it’s editable
it tells you so
it lets you edit text, reorder items, format text, upload files, and crop them
anything you do on this page is saved
you can send it to a friend, but they wont be able to edit it
if you want to edit it in the future put your email here: ___
we havent gotten to the cool part yet
(your friend can fork it)
you can upload your own website code
make it editable however you want
whenever the dom changes, it’s saved
it’s your website
you can attach a custom domain to it
you can send a client it and they can create an account to edit the page
and attach their own custom domain
it’s a univeral remixable decentralized web platform
let’s remake the web
100% open source, you can host it yourself
support our work by donating
1/22/22 (working on the weekend 😭)
Responded to Twitter messages about jobs
Sent email to Theatre.js about possible job
Responded to client about DNS
Responded to email about job
Scheduled twitter thread about Nathan Barry articles
Working on a “future of the web” landing page
1/25/22 - 2/2/22
Got sick with COVID
brainstormed “future of the web” landing page copy
wrote “future of the web” landing page copy: “a wilder web”
applied to several jobs and had a few interviews
helped jack with his launch (thread, email, pdf guide) over 2 days and created a ton of content around this
sent him homework for launch day
received permission from anne-laure to post blog post
asked for feedback on “future of the web” landing page copy
weekend club
indie worldwide
sent email to antonia asking for feedback on
posted tweet about getting a new domain name
been working on a game demo for choral for the past week
responded to some jobs on angel list
sent game to choral
transcribed voice memo about var
worked on var landing page
really good improvements on this
rewrote front page text for var
created a repo for var and started planning features before realizing you should get the landing page our ASAP and then realizing you needed to design the landing page first which required a custom input and button style
designed a pressable button and a very nice input for var front page
live tweeted progress
received feedback and made improvements
tested on safari
asked for feedback on front page text from weekend club
responded to dang (HN)
responded to early var signup
intellemize interview
read through intellemize next steps emails
scheduled call with intellimize HR rep for next tuesday (3/1)
submitted availability for UX projects review (intellimize)
responded to xann
posted var launch stats to twitter
responded to 2nd var email
posted anne-laure blog post
posted text to speech blog post
intellimize hr call
responded to peter
responded to catalin
prepare for intellimize interview
intellimize interview
took leland today
publish * to twitter
transfer to google domains
forward 95 domains
rewrite homepage
post update tweet about
finished quill design task #1 (took 5 hours over 2 days)
made image for and posted to twitter
sent emails to team at intellimize
design sim prep intellimize
call with kyle adams (convertkit)
researched convertkit guide
prepped presentation for quill
interview with quill
hired house cleaners
scheduled intellimize interview
send early design draft with some questions to
getting back to being editable
enforcing https
moved first 2 Remake blog posts from to
wrote a tweet about maybe shutting down Remake
email Quill to ask about next steps
respond to Gwyneth (Intellimize) about design SIM
⬆️⬆️⬆️ POST THIS!!!
change title to “everything I know about $0 indie marketing”
fix var button and input on mobile safari and test on other browsers
unround input border
make input wider (maybe)
add a better active state (maybe) or maybe just remove it altogether
make button text unselectable
IMPORTANT write down what problem/mismatch/injustice var is solving — take as long as you need with this
IMPORTANT write out a full marketing plan based on everything you’ve learned in the past few years (the zero cost, multiple launches, be yourself marketing plan)
publish “web should be a canvas” blog post
publish “failure as startup founder” blog post
send 31 launches email: give choice about how to follow you next
add migrations to remake (and respond in discord)
send remake email: remake has support for migrations, i’m also doing a giveaway for free accounts (just build something) and I have a new project similar to remake
the checkbox example on  doesnt work. once you toggle them once, they always show as off
work on var
send email to friends asking for a one hour meetup
get early prototype working using not-best-practices
respond to sai about serverless remake
respond to Martin about sales page
soft launch galactic saas to 31 launches
(a few days later) soft launch mvl
post traction coach image to mvl guide
find bubbles of attention, spare energy room blog post thing
Work on MVL guide
make sure there's real user demand for a product or feature before investing a lot of time into it
just hit publish — then you learn, participate, communicate, grow, get feedback, improve, establish yourself
gumroad response
add way to reset animatize animation yo starting point — respond to charlie on slack and mention him on twitter when you add this
Project: blog post from url (node app with classless css rendered html) — respond to
let small pieces of useful content be your MVPs — use them to brainstorm, help, get feedback, improve, and create lasting resources
Send email to 31 launches subscribers!
Next launch: MVL Guide Preview
Why launch
What your audience needs to know
How to build an audience
How to validate (or make room in the market) for your idea
future promise blog post
Give me a place to stand, a lever long enough and a fulcrum. and I can move the Earth – Archimedes
make a list of daily tasks: launch on Twitter, launch on weekend club, launch on Pioneer, consider posting to read it, and consider posting hacker news, launch on TikTok, send initial email at start of the day
nah, just gonna keep launching on twitter
Post “why 31 launches” blog post to twitter