I’m tired of working on projects that go nowhere simply because I’m afraid to launch. 😳
I’ve let my fear of embarrassment and my attachment to perfection get in the way of launching too many projects over the last year. I’ve gotten them 80% done and then relegated them to a desk drawer.
My theory is that launching projects is very similar to meeting strangers out in public.
💃 You have to put yourself out there
🦸‍♂️ Your have to ignore your fears
🐥 You have to be vulnerable
Getting better at it is just a matter of continually surrendering fears and putting yourself out there over and over again.
Eventually, if someone ignores you or frowns at you or gets upset, you don’t mind that much because you’ve put yourself out there enough to know it doesn’t matter that much.
I want to get really good at launching things — in fact, I’m building a free course around it.
I think that means I have to be comfortable with:
  • Failing a lot
  • Not being my best self all the time
  • Making mistakes
But, over time, I’ll get better at it — like riding a bike — and I’ll be able to launch like it doesn’t even matter. 😊