Final Draft of Email

Subject: Hacking the Web (Remake Newsletter #7)
Hi indie hackers,
I left my job a few months ago to focus full-time on my own projects. I started by sending cold emails to local dev shops about Remake, but quickly got tired of that as no responses came back.
So, I decided to focus on something simpler: marketing. And created Boxes.css, a simple way to make landing pages.
Boxes.css was the missing piece for getting projects out the door 10x faster. I used it to build & launch Todopal (a Remake app) in 15 hours and put it on Product Hunt, where it got 213 votes!
Then I got to work on Remake: I added some glowing testimonials and a 100% client-side-only Remake app demo to the home page. Now you can play with Remake code without installing anything!
The client-side-only Remake apps open up tons of possibilities. Like: you can use your own custom backend with Remake now! In fact, a few people have already started. Stay tuned for updates.
I also added some great features to Remake: support for cache busting CSS/JS/images & live reloading ⚡️

Starting tomorrow, I'm embarking on a wild adventure...
I'm launching 31 projects in 31 months. “Why!?” Because I want to get over my fear of launching and put myself out there!
(3+ of the projects will be Remake-related 🥳️)
Happy Hacking & Happy New Year!
David Miranda