Final Draft

Subject: Taking on an ambitious project in 2022
Hello friends and family,
Let's be honest, a lot of us haven't achieved all we planned over the past year. It's been a hard time, feeling disconnected from each other and the world at large. I've missed seeing all of you. I hope the holiday season has brightened your spirits as we head into the New Year 🎅☃️🎄.
I became a father this year. It's so much more challenging — and infinitely more lovely — than I ever thought it would be. I learned how to change diapers quickly and get out of bed before 7:30am, can you imagine? 😅 I left my job in October 2021 and have been working on my own projects since then.
I'd love it if you would join me on my journey and get a peek into what I spend my time on.
I'm hoping to get over my fear of putting myself out there by launching something new every day next month.
I'm going to explore everything it takes to launch a new project, including how to come up with a headline, how to think about marketing, and what I've learned from launching past projects.
Love and wishes for a merry ol' New Year,
David Miranda
P.S. One of the coolest things I did last year was launch a freelance rate calculator (thanks Zach!) that's now the #1 result in Google when you search "freelance calculator".
P.P.S. I'll only send you an update like this about once a year, but if you'd rather just communicate the normal way, you can unsubscribe below.