Before 01/01/2022

Get the landing page up
Basic media and content
Connect form to ConvertKit
Write intro email
Test it and make sure it works
Fix Crostini (my custom popup for showing success/failure notices)
Make text centered
Make it easy to customize background color
Write email to family/friends (12/30)
Put together a list of family names/emails
Imported list into ConvertKit
Revise the email
Distracted by fixing an issue in Remake (it was double saving data)
This will be useful for a couple Remake launches during this 31 launch sprint! ⛷
send email to friends/fam (scheduled for 12/31 morning)
one more edit before sending
Friday (12/31)
Got distracted: created a new blog cover for my blog, where I’ll be posting a lot of the 31 launches content
Shared first blog post with someone to get early feedback
send email to Remake subscribers
at least 3 projects related to remake
goal: to help you launch fast
Final Draft of Email
  • This was so hard to send — I reread it 3 times. I feel like it’s still too long, but I really like it too... I wish I could write an email like this in 10 minutes and just send it, but it’s so hard to know if something’s good without taking a break and coming back to it. And reading it out loud a few times.
  • I think one thing I could do to make it better: Write out all my thoughts. Set a timer for 20 min. Work on something else. Come back to it and choose the 3 most interesting things (and make sure they’re connected to the same message). Cut out everything else 😭. Write a 3-4 sentence email and send!
  • It was nice this was longer though because I haven’t sent an email to Remake subscribers since April 17 (8 months is way too long) and they deserved a good progress update.
  • I think a good format for an email is:
    • Connect with them / focus on their journey in the first sentence
    • Talk about my personal journey in the second sentence
    • Connect both of the previous sentences to a pitch / project / whatever the main thing I want to say is
    • Say farewell
    • Short, simple, focused — emails don’t have to cover everything you’ve done in the past 3 months, it’s better that they’re easy to parse/understand than some kind of exhaustive list
decide on first 3 launches, look them over, and send them out
Write Guide to launching blog post
Ugh, I’m not sure... I feel like it needs 3 more rewrites.
Record a video
Share a video on Tiktok, twitter, EOD email
just tiktok
Email 31 launches list
What I’ve learned so far
What’s scheduled for launch
What needs feedback
Video — didnt do
Schedule 2 Twitter threads
An Indie Maker's Guide to Launching
story behind it: i've launched to know one several times, I've launched 2000's and failed to get traction, I've launched to hundreds of thousands and failed to retain users and make money, and I've helped build actually profitable businesses with traction, and users who love and use the service every day. I think a lot of people are under the misapprehension but they have to do some thing big in order to get attention, when really all they have to do is be human and share honestly and vulnerable what they're going through.
Thread Inside My Body
struggled with anxiety for a while now. Constant we feel under threat. It's hard to figure out, but the thing that's worked the best is feeling it and letting go into it. It's the scariest thing I've ever done. It's the hardest thing I've ever done. But it's the only thing that I know works.
Now going to enjoy my weekend and New Years with family — See you Monday!