01/11/2022 (Tuesday)

Apply to work at Gumroad
Fix and update social share image for 31 launches
  • Mostly just me procrastinating
What can I get out today?
  • Goal: Clarity
  • Rule: No rewriting
  • 10 blog posts
    • Why I'm doing 31 launches
    • The Sustainable Way to Build in Public as an Indie Maker
    • Taking on Psychological Debt by Over-Promising the Future
    • Hi makers (support each other to create an internet for makers)
    • People who give me FOMO on Twitter
    • Why Remake is Perfect For Building Your MVP Web App
      • In Remake’s Ghost
    • How Remake Got Started
      • In Remake’s Ghost
    • Simple Blogging Platforms
      • In Remake’s Ghost
    • What I Look for in a Freelancer
      • In Remake’s Ghost
    • High-Quality Places to Post Your Content
      • In Remake’s Ghost