Tuesday (Jan 4, 2022)
blog post: why i’m launching 31 times in January
  • i want to go viral
  • but not necessarily from this
  • i have a hangup: i get a great idea, plan it, write about it, build 90% of it, and never say a word about it
  • instead of hoping for virality or expecting success, in order to do this launching thing regularly, i need to have no expectations and just be myself — otherwise i spend more time overtginking, worrying, and recovering from stess than i do actually working on shit and getting meaningful feedback
  • i’m like an actor who keeps practicing his lines in private, but never auditions
  • so this is me practicing launching (and dealing with the embarassment of flops / mistakes / criticism), so i can start posting more regularly without as much of a hangup
  • that way i can think of an idea and my first thought isn’t: “how do i build this out?” but “how can i tell people about this as soon as possible?”
  • all the viral creators do this: they’re always launching, always posting what they’re struggling with or celebrating or learning about
  • so, this is me entering the playing field, saying: i want to play. and in order to play, i gotta get over this fear of putting myself out there. so that’s what i’m gonna do!
  • when i’m in the habit of putting myself out there, i think the likelihood of something i put out going viral will increase dramatically
  • because it’s out there — and not just in my head or in my “currently-working-on” folder on my desktop
  • eventually, i want to get to the point where i have the confidence to share everyday emotions and not just projects. it’s a longterm goal and doesn’t come naturally to me. but i think if i’m continually willing to be vulnerable, eventually it’ll come naturally
Get feedback, revise blog post, and publish it (doesn’t count as a launch)
Finish working through feedback on Freelance Rate Calculator
Got most of it, not all
send email to mvl subscribers
working on the guide
send email i sent to nu cafe guy
  • Decided against, I’ll launch this later
Create intro for Freelance Rate Calculator
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You need a map to guide you through the minefield.
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